Twine with sugarcube: can you display visited links differently?

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asked Apr 14 in Authoring by peterorme (104 points)

In Twine (1.4) using the Sugarcube story format, is there some way to display links to visited passages so they look different from unvisited links? They are "a" html anchors, but using a an a:visited css selector does not cut it, I assume because the linking is done using javascript "click" events, not standard browser linking.

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answered Apr 15 by peterorme (104 points)
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Allegedly a:visited doesn't work in any story format.

If you are using SugarCube you can use a trick.

Step 1. Enable visited link tracking with config.addVisitedLinkClass. Just create a script passage with the line

    config.addVisitedLinkClass = true;

This will start appending the link-visited CSS class to visited links.

Step 2. Add a stylesheet passage setting {
       color: purple;

Kudos to TheMadExile who answered this question on forums.

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