The UI Style

Quest offers a number of options for making your game look good, and fit the style and atmosphere you want.

On the Display tab of the game object, there are options for changing the text, the background and (if used) hyperlinks. The “Web font” offers a huge variety of fonts (and a link below will help you choose). When choosing a font, remember that text adventures involve a fair bit of reading, so ensure you chose a font that not only looks cool, but is easy to read too. Changing the font size can also improve readability.

On the Interface tab, you will find further options, where features of the user interface can be turned off if not required.

With the Room Descriptions tab, you can control what happens when the player enters a room (or types LOOK). Note that “Automatically generate room descriptions” does not mean Ques will do the work for you. Rather, it means it will list the exits and the objects for you. If the box is ticked, you can control their order by modifying the numbers (set to zero idf you do not what that one displayed).

Hopefully most of the options are self-explanatory; experiment and see what works best for your game.