You will definitely want to read these sections before starting on your own games.

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a simple game
  3. Interacting with objects


By now you should be able to create a simple game. Read on in the tutorial to discover how to make it more interactive.

  1. Anatomy of a Quest game
  2. Using scripts
  3. Showing a map
  4. Custom attributes
  5. Custom commands
  6. More things to do with objects
  7. Using containers
  8. Moving objects during the game


Now you’re able to create a pretty sophisticated game, you probably don’t need to read all of these sections - but Quest is a very powerful system, and if you want to master it, read on!

  1. Changing the player object
  2. Using timers and turn scripts
  3. Changing templates
  4. Text formatting
  5. Using lockable exits
  6. Using lockable containers
  7. Using walkthroughs
  8. Multiple choices - using a “switch” script
  9. Debugging your game
  10. Releasing your game


Most people probably won’t need these features, unless you’re creating something very special or very big!

  1. Creating functions which return a value
  2. Using inherited types
  3. Using libraries
  4. Using Javascript