Flowers for Algernon. What to do?

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asked Sep 11 in Playing by eduardomezencio (36 points)

Behold, the most stupid question in ifanswers to date:

I simply can't do whatever this "demo" from the 1998 TextFire joke expects me to. I discovered some 'vurbs' like 'examin', 'tak', 'reed', and so on... but I can't open the door! Is it even possible to open the door?

I have played other of those "demos", and they at least ended somehow, so I'm expecting that it is possible to reach the end of this one.

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answered Sep 14 by ralphmerridew
selected Sep 14 by eduardomezencio
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IIRC: "opin dor"

commented Sep 14 by eduardomezencio (36 points)
I can't believe this... I may have tried every other possible variation of open, except for this one T_T
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