Upgrade Notes

Upgrading from Quest 5.4.1 to Quest 5.5

To prevent so many tabs from showing when editing a game, some of Quest’s features can now be toggled on and off - on a per-game basis, and on a per-object basis. When upgrading, some features in the Editor may be hidden until you turn the feature on again.

Per-game features - set these by selecting “game” and then go to the Features tab. Turning these options on will cause the relevant tabs and script commands to be shown.

Per-object features - set these by selecting the object and then go to the Features tab. Turning these options on will cause the tab to be displayed for the object.

Other changes:

For more details on new features, see the Quest 5.5 beta blog post.

Upgrading from Quest 5.4 to Quest 5.4.1

If you have any exits that run scripts instead of automatically moving the player, you will need to tick a new checkbox on the exit editor “Run a script (instead of moving the player automatically)”.

Upgrading from Quest 5.3 to Quest 5.4

Upgrading from Quest 5.2 to Quest 5.3

Upgrading from Quest 5.1 to Quest 5.2

See the Quest 5.2 Beta release announcement and the Quest 5.2 release announcement

Upgrading from Quest 5.0 to Quest 5.1

You can open and edit your Quest 5.0 games in Quest 5.1 (but note that, once saved, you won’t be able to edit your Quest 5.1 game in Quest 5.0).

Please note that a few changes have been made to enable Quest games to be converted to Javascript (so they can run as stand-alone apps on iPhone, Android etc.). This means that some functions have been deprecated - this means that you can still use them, but I would encourage you to use the suggested replacements instead, particularly if you plan to convert your game into an app:

Some minor behaviour changes:

New features:

Other changes:

Upgrading from Quest 5.0 Beta Versions

Upgrading from 5.0 Beta 4

For Quest 5.0 (Release Candidate 1) and later, each compass exit has its own type. You will get some slightly odd behaviour if you don’t update your exits - for example, if you have both north and northwest exits from a room, typing “n” will give you a disambiguation menu. To prevent this, go to each exit in your game and choose the direction from the “Type” dropdown, so it matches the Alias.

Upgrading from 5.0 Beta 2

For Beta 3 and later, the “player” object has been moved out of Core.aslx. This means if you have a game created for Beta 1 or Beta 2, you will need to add the “player” object yourself. You just need to make sure the object name is “player” and that it inherits the “defaultplayer” type.

You can simply copy and paste this code block into your game file:

 <object name="player">
   <inherit name="defaultplayer" />

Upgrading from Quest 4.x

See separate article Upgrading from Quest 4

Upgrading to development versions

Development versions are unsupported. This section of the documentation is to note changes which will be moved to a new section above when the development version is released properly.